Payment Method


2.Credit card

3.Payoneer  (If you make payment by Payoneer, you can get extra 3% off.)

4.Bank Transfer


If you have both the Payoneer account and PayPal account, you can connect your PayPal account to your Payoneer account, and transfer money to your Payoneer account from PayPal. There is no transaction fee if you transfer money to your supplier’s Payoneer with your Payoneer account balance, so you can save much money, as you know, the transaction cost of PayPal is a high rate. Most businessmen receive money by PayPal and pay with Payoneer.

If you have no Payoneer account, you can register an account.

What is a Payoneer account balance?

Payoneer account holders may have an available balance in their account. The balance is the funds received from the platform or the customer. If your customers have a Payoneer account, they can use your Payoneer balance to complete your payment request.

Benefits of paying directly from your Payoneer account

Free: Payoneer account holders can make payments to other Payoneer account holders without any transaction fee.

Fast: When the sender initiates the payment, the payment is usually received within 2 hours.

If you have no balance in your Payoneer account, you can also connect your bank and credit card to make a payment, and you may have the transaction cost about 3%, but it is still cheaper than Paypal. When the sender initiates the payment, the payment is usually received in about 1-3 days.