How does Label Customization Service work?

We can add your own labels on garments for you before the shipment.

Making labels

MOQ for label printing: 1000 PCS each label/tag

Processing time: 7 days for making label/tag

Price: Label----$0.05/pcs Tag----$0.07/pcs

Material: Label----Textile Tag----Card paper

Go to label print page

Go to  tag print page



  1. Design label/tag by yourself, according to our examples.
  2. Send us label/tag design. The label should be with jpg form, and the tag should be with pdf.
  3. Pay for label/tag (Go to label/tag page to make orders, and leave a comment with your label/tag name)
  4. Print label/tag for you (usually takes 7 working days)
  5. Keep your label/tag in our warehouse
  6. Add label/tag on garments once we get your orders.
  7. Usually takes 2-7 days for us to add label/tag and make the shipment.